Direct Primary Care Services With You In Mind

Direct Primary Care


Direct Primary Care is a program that provides a primary care provider to patient without the red tape of insurance. No insurance is needed to have access to your provider. It is a small monthly membership fee. Huge savings of your healthcare dollars and a direct relationship with your provider.

Take Control Of Your Heath


Being a member of a Direct Primary Care (DPC) practice has great benefits. You are able to take complete control of your healthcare. You have 24/7 access to your provider by email, text, or telehealth services. Annual physicals, blood work, and house calls when needed will be covered by your membership.

Smaller Patient Panel


Do you have difficulty getting in to see your primary provider? Are the wait times often 2 weeks or more out? They often have 2000-3000 patients on their panel so they stay booked for weeks ahead. With DPC, our patient panel is between 500-600 patients. This allows us to see you sooner, often same or next day, and it allows us to address all of your concerns by affording longer visits.

What Is The Monthly Cost


We are going to offer 4 different plans for care to you. The Bronze Plan will be $30/month and will give you unlimited access to virtual urgent care. The Silver Plan will be $45/month and will give you primary care services, 2 in person visits per year and unlimited virtual visits. The Gold Plan will be $65/month and will give you primary care services, 6 in person visits per year and unlimited virtual visits. A Family plan will be $100/month for up to 4 family members (each additional family member will be charged $10/month. This will give all members 2 face to face visits annually and unlimited virtual visits. 

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What Is The Coverage Area


Given the fact that technology has progressed to the point is at today, we can see patients in a large geographic area. We are required to have 1 face to face visit annually however we can have more visits if needed. We will be accepting patients throughout Cochise County for the time being. We will still continue to provide our acute care telemedicine services statewide however.

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